Rowad Thakaa Program

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By signing up for Rowad Thakaa Program

you will be able to:

Offer new technology services and products

Raise efficiency and reduce operating costs

Reach a wider group of customers, partners, and investors

Create new sources of income

Registration deadline

30 June

Candidates Announcement

20 July

Start working with Enterprises

1 August


How will the Program develop your enterprise?

After signing up for the Program, a mentor will be assigned to discuss the challenge and evaluate performance with technology and business experts to create and implement the best solutions tailored to your enterprise for two months.

Technology Enterprises

If you have a technology platform, application, or product and aspire to add features and make improvements to it, this will be your best track for:

Developing the technology product by adding new and sophisticated features

Organizing the technology team and identify the expertise needed to develop the product

Improving user experience by evaluating and suggesting suitable features

Public Enterprises

If you have a traditional enterprise (store, restaurant, factory, etc...) and wish to digitize your operations, this will be your best track for:

Connecting and integrating different systems to end up with an integrated smart management system

Exploring technology tools to attain enterprise objectives

Educating on the mechanism and methods of data collection and protection

Participation Requirements and Obligations

  • Sharing the corresponding CR number and license
  • Enterprise life shall not fall below 1 year or go above 10 years
  • Sharing the enterprise profile or investment portfolio
  • Proof of market access (sharing proven customers or actual revenue)
  • The enterprise must possess its data
  • The enterprise must be able to adopt technology solutions or digital transformation

  • Coordinating with the technology team or the person in charge at enterprise
  • Sharing the track-specific requirements and expected support
  • Working and showing responsiveness to the follow up carried out weekly by Thakaa team
  • Coordinating with the technology team or the person in charge at enterprise
  • Attending meetings between entrepreneurs and mentors
  • Cooperating in documenting support by the end of the Program

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