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    Artificial Intelligence


Stimulate the Ecosystem

Equipping the national human capital with the skills and knowledge related to the domains of the center, and beyond.

Empower Entrepreneurs

Creating and supporting technological entrepreneurs and helping them launch marketplace products.

Support SMEs

Raising the competitiveness and individuality of SMEs by using specialized tech to answer to the modern marketplace.

Our Services

Workshops and Camps

Learn how to develop your business in different fields using latest technologies.

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Talk to experts and professionals about the challenges you are facing in idea or enterprise creation and ways of development


Develop and create smart solutions for ideas that can be translated into emerging technology-based products, project and that will be provided by Thakaa Center experts in partnership with public and private entities

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Share your creativity in relation to many collective challenges to develop innovative solutions that serve the owners of large corporations and government entities

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Rowad Thakaa

Register your enterprise in Rowad Thakaa Program to find the latest and best technology tools to boost your technical capabilities and competitiveness,


If you have a traditional enterprise (store, restaurant, factory, etc...) and wish to digitize your operations.


Learn about Saudi technology enterprises operating in various sectors of artificial intelligence, data analysis, Internet of Things, and cybersecurity.

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Thakaa aims to contribute to creating a vigilant technology community with high capabilities; therefore, we are keen to raise and share latest emerging technology topics with the community.

Thakaa Plus

Improve your business with the great services of Thakaa Plus. Special deals and partnerships offered specifically to Thakaa beneficiaries.

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A channel to exchange experiences, share useful events and resources, and form work teams.


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Partners Role

Here at Thakaa center, we are proud to cooperate with entities within the entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology sectors to support our beneficiaries.

At Thakaa center, our goal is to focus on supporting SMEs and startups through their technological transformation journey and helping them to adopt DA, AI, IoT, and CS technologies. At the same time, our partners will support them in other aspects that they are specialized and experienced in.

Forms of Partnerships

Consultation sessions from the partners' expertise

Investing in startups and launching their products

Sponsoring Thakaa center programs

Collaborating to achieve common goals

Success Stories