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Thakaa Center

What is Thakaa Center?

Thakaa Center is an initiative developed by the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monshaat”. It is the first center in the Kingdom specialized to enable enterprises and human capital in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The Center aims to contribute in achieving Saudi Vision 2030 through creating innovative start-ups as well as increasing efficiency amongst SMEs

For your safety and wellbeing, we will be offering our services online until further notice, you can book consultations with us here here.

Ruwaad Program

It aims to empower innovative start-ups and existing facilities by providing specialized and effective technology and business consulting solutions by researching and adopting modern technologies and tools to contribute to the growth, development and sustainability of their operations.
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Case Studies

Intelligence data analysis program

In collaboration with

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This program offers a free data analysis service to facilities in collaboration with the data community in the Eastern Region. This program aims to enable business owners to analyze their facility data by data specialists.
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Intelligence Library

Provides Thakaa Center A variety of workshops, brochures and other online sources to provide knowledge to different categories in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship.

Library sources

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Case Studies

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We create amazing Webflow templates for creative people all around the world and help brands stand out.

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Our services

Thakaa Center provides a wide range of services for various categories

Community services

In order to expand our support and provide the greatest impact, we are keen to provide general support through a variety of programs.

  1. Community challenges
  2. Community Meetups


At Thakaa Center, we strive to support the launch of promising tech startups, thus the Center provides a set of programs to help and support entrepreneurs with their technology to develop products and solutions

Through the following programs:
  1. Consultations

SME Owners

At Thakaa Center, we strive to help SMEs increase their effectiveness, productivity and competitive value through leveraging advanced technologies.

Through the following programs:
  1. Training Programs
  2. Consultations

Feedback from our beneficiaires and Success Stories

Ten Degrees
Abdulrahman Al Khlifi
System Analyst at Ten Degrees

“After attending the data analysis workshop, we learned about the best systems and tools to collect and analyze data, in addition to its impact and how to use and leverage it.”
Thakaa Center Impact: The company was able to collect and sort data to leverage and analyze it and make decisions based on it.

Ghadah Al Humaid

“Thanks to #thakaa_center team for this professional organization! Thank you for your significant support to us in a remarkably motivating and inspiring environment 🌟"

All In 7 cafe
Fahad Abdullah Al Dossary
Cafe owner

“We learned how to take advantage of data and statistics by analyzing it through the Foodics Program to raise the enterprise's income and improve its performance, as we closely learned about the competitors’ experiences and the challenges they face.”
Thakaa Center Impact: After attending the workshop, getting to know and applying what he learned, sales increased by 92%, and the weekly number of visitors increased from 1,100 visitors to 2,600 visitors.

Haya Al Jabr

“I have attended a workshop of yours, and the performance was beyond excellent.”

Abdullah Ahmed Al Naeem

“We learned how to take advantage of the data and statistics in the application and make decisions based on it, as well as to learn more about desired products and companies to make better marketing plans and advertising campaigns.”
Thakaa Center Impact : He was able to know the products and companies most desired by application users, which contributed to a 30% increase in the number of users and the success of the advertising campaign.

Abdulwahab Noufl

“Many thanks to you for this great organization and valuable boot-camp…”

Anfal Al Ahmadi

“Many thanks for your effort, passion and organization, I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend. ”

Criollo Cafe
Ayman Shiwai
Deputy Director-General

"During the workshop, we learned how to take advantage of data and statistics by using Fruits360 Program, also we learned about “Shopix Co.” and how to activate the loyalty program through their services. Furthermore, we were given the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs in the same field and discuss how to tackle common challenges."
Thakaa Center Impact: He hired Fruits360 services for SAR 150 per branch to analyze data which contributed to saving time for the branches managers. Also, this enabled him to activate the loyalty program for his customers in partnership with Shopix Co. In addition, he developed connections with other entrepreneurs operating in the same field.

Case Studies

Our Partners

We create amazing Webflow templates for creative people all around the world and help brands stand out.


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