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Whatever your business, it is possible to develop and improve its efficiency using modern technologies. Provides Thakaa Center A variety of interactive workshops and intensive training camps with diverse and locally developed content to suit different facilities from all sectors. Events vary in their level of difficulty, duration, and target category. You can see the details and register in the events available on this page.

Your use of this service means that you accept all the terms and conditions mentioned below the page.

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Terms and conditions

- If you would like to attend the event in person, you need to register in advance through the event page.
- Once you have booked through the website your booking will be confirmed, this applies to Thakaa workshops and meetings. as for bootcamps and challenges, applicants undergo a screening process, with their seats confirmed or not within at least three days before the start of the program.
- If you attend workshops or meetings without prior registration, you can sit on one of the seats if there are vacant seats after the start of the event. Those who have not been confirmed will not attend the bootcamps and challenges.
- Live streaming of some events can be viewed on the Center's Twitter account (live streaming may not be available for all events).
- There may be a video recording of previous events, you can view the content for each event through the page assigned to them.
It is not allowed to use the content provided for profit purposes, or to reuse it without the official permission of the center.

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