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About the program

This program offers a free data analysis service to facilities in collaboration with the data community in the Eastern Region. This program aims to enable business owners to analyze their facility data by data specialists and work by offering solutions to provide them with the best tools that contribute to identifying challenges, opportunities and information that enable them to make the right decisions based on them.

Join our data analytics program and discover best practices to develop your facility!

This program supports the facilities in the following areas:

Analysis of facility data
Apply several different data analysis tools
Come up with suggested solutions and tips
Addressing data quality problems

Impact Thakaa Center

MZNBodycare @
Blond Muzon

Mazoun is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of skin care products. It has a plan to expand and attract investors but has had challenges in estimating the number of sales and the percentage of its product profits.
The impact of data analysis on the facility with Thakaa Center After sharing its data with DataGeeks group and presenting it in the competition, technical solutions and tools were introduced that enabled it to know its sales and more details such as the most sold products and seasonal products, more understanding of consumer behavior and different ways to increase the value of each customer's purchase, as well as knowledge of the tools that collect data in one place, thereby reducing the time spent analyzing and collecting data from week to week. In addition, the waste caused by the manufacture of the least-selling products is reduced by 32%.

Program details

  • Develop the sME business with innovative advice through data analysis. Example: cost reduction, increased sales, new opportunities for business expansion, and digital transformation.
  • An opportunity to learn about local talent and expertise and meet potential employees to work with the facility.
  • Marketing establishments by reaching out to a large segment of participants and interested in the program.
  • Contribute to giving to the community and provide an opportunity for local talent to showcase their data science and machine learning skills.
  • The facility must have enough data to apply the analysis tools.
  • The data should be the property of the enterprise.
  • The enterprise has the right to request anonymity or encode its data.
  • The establishment's approval of the participants' use of data.
  • Approve the presence of the owner of the establishment at the time of the program or what is on his behalf to answer the participants' queries.
  • The establishment should be small or medium.
  • The facility should be able to adopt technical solutions in data analysis.
  • The facility must have more than 1,000 rows of data.
  • The enterprise should be able to attach a document to describe the data.
  • It is preferable that the data be up-to-the-way and help solve the problem.
  • Fill out the application form.
  •  Evaluating applicants for the program.
  • Communicate with the candidates for the program within two weeks of submission time.
  • Share the required data.
  • Set a date for meeting and analyzing the structures created by the community of the environment or analysts Thakaa Center
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