Advisory and advisory programmes

Provides Thakaa Center Specialized advisory and advisory services to answer the questions of the beneficiaries and help them individually according to their needs.

At Thakaa Center, we are proud to have a range of experts in various areas. Talk to one of consultants in Thakaa Center, or to technology specialists and entrepreneurship experts from Thakaa Community.

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Individual Consultations

Ruwaad Thakaa Program is designed to enable innovative start-ups and outstanding existing enterprises through consulting (for up to 6 months), and applying effective solutions in the field of modern technology and business development (specifically in DS and AI), which contribute to the growth, development and sustainability of its operations. The program also aims to support research and adopt the latest technologies and modern tools to increase the level of competitiveness for enterprises in the local, regional and international markets.

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Ruwaad Program

This program offers a free data analysis service to facilities in collaboration with the data community in the Eastern Region. This program aims to enable business owners to analyze their facility data by data specialists and work by offering solutions to provide them with the best tools that contribute to identifying challenges, opportunities and information that enable them to make the right decisions based on them.

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