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  • Policies, governance, and standards
  • Defense techniques and gap and risk management
  • Cybersecurity product development
  • Integration of AI with cyber threat data
Data Science
  • Analysis of enterprise and mobile application data
  • Data analysis and proper use identification capabilities
  • Exploration of new growth methods through data analysis
  • Dashboard creation for the enterprise
  • Data-driven digital marketing
Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence in business
  • Adoption of AI applications in different sectors
  • Enterprise development with the latest technologies
  • Designing AI-based solutions
Internet of Things (IoT)
  • IoT Ready Solutions
  • Electronic Circuit Design
  • Technology-related idea modeling
  • IoT product designing and modeling
  • Licensing entities
Business Administration
  • Technology project management
  • Business models for technology projects
  • Expansion strategies for technology enterprises
  • Digital transformation
  • Startup support programs and investment options
Technology Applications and Systems
  • Electronic application development
  • Development of emerging technology applications /systems
  • Digital UX
  • Prototypes creation and development

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