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What is Thakaa Center ?

Thakaa Center was established to realize one of the economic objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. The Center aims to enable start-ups and SMEs to operate and leverage innovations in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Thakaa Objectives

The center offers a variety of programs in various cities in the Kingdom to serve many categories of beneficiaries. Thakaa Center's most important objectives are:

Skills Development

Raising the efficiency of the national human capital and preparing them for the skill and knowledge requirements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

Enabling Entrepreneurs

Creating more startups, improving their quality and helping them launch an initial marketable product

Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises

Adding a competitive advantage to SMEs using AI and Data Science to help them be more competitive, productive and efficient.

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Facilities and Resources

Inspiring Work Environment

Data Analysis Tools

We provide the participants with free data analysis tools, for the enterprises and entrepreneurs to learn on and use

Prototyping Lab

The initial product is tested before being launched in the market to ensure that the products are effective, and pass the quality and viability testing with the guidance of Thakaa experts and consultants

AR and VR Lab

To test the initial products of innovations and projects in VR and AR, our lab is fully equipped with the technology that supports participants testing and improving models along with Thakaa consultants

Along with a variety of software and tools used in data analysis

Data Visualization

Data visualization tools that include a wide range of tools of varying complexity

AI & Machine Learning

A variety of software and technologies used in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning  

Data Engineering

A set of tools used in data engineering of various volumes and purposes

Cloud Services

Cloud platforms used to develop various apps in a rapid and expandable manner

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