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A success story.
Adopted technology
Restaurants and Cafes
All In 7 cafe
Fahad Abdullah Al Dossary
Cafe owner

“We learned how to take advantage of data and statistics by analyzing it through the Foodics Program to raise the enterprise's income and improve its performance, as we closely learned about the competitors’ experiences and the challenges they face.”
Thakaa Center Impact: After attending the workshop, getting to know and applying what he learned, sales increased by 92%, and the weekly number of visitors increased from 1,100 visitors to 2,600 visitors.

Criollo Cafe
Ayman Shiwai
Deputy Director-General

"During the workshop, we learned how to take advantage of data and statistics by using Fruits360 Program, also we learned about “Shopix Co.” and how to activate the loyalty program through their services. Furthermore, we were given the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs in the same field and discuss how to tackle common challenges."
Thakaa Center Impact: He hired Fruits360 services for SAR 150 per branch to analyze data which contributed to saving time for the branches managers. Also, this enabled him to activate the loyalty program for his customers in partnership with Shopix Co. In addition, he developed connections with other entrepreneurs operating in the same field.

Abdullah Ahmed Al Naeem

“We learned how to take advantage of the data and statistics in the application and make decisions based on it, as well as to learn more about desired products and companies to make better marketing plans and advertising campaigns.”
Thakaa Center Impact : He was able to know the products and companies most desired by application users, which contributed to a 30% increase in the number of users and the success of the advertising campaign.

Ten Degrees
Abdulrahman Al Khlifi
System Analyst at Ten Degrees

“After attending the data analysis workshop, we learned about the best systems and tools to collect and analyze data, in addition to its impact and how to use and leverage it.”
Thakaa Center Impact: The company was able to collect and sort data to leverage and analyze it and make decisions based on it.

Blond Muzon

Mazoun is a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of skin care products. It has a plan to expand and attract investors but has had challenges in estimating the number of sales and the percentage of its product profits.
The impact of data analysis on the facility with Thakaa Center After sharing its data with DataGeeks group and presenting it in the competition, technical solutions and tools were introduced that enabled it to know its sales and more details such as the most sold products and seasonal products, more understanding of consumer behavior and different ways to increase the value of each customer's purchase, as well as knowledge of the tools that collect data in one place, thereby reducing the time spent analyzing and collecting data from week to week. In addition, the waste caused by the manufacture of the least-selling products is reduced by 32%.

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