Thakaa Center

First specialized center to serve both entrepreneurs and SMEs in Saudi Arabia.

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    Cyber Security


    Internet of Things

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    Artificial Intelligence

We offer our services virtually across the kingdom.


Stimulate the Ecosystem

Equipping the national human capital with the skills and knowledge related to the domains of the center, and beyond.

Empower Entrepreneurs

Creating and supporting technological entrepreneurs and helping them launch marketplace products.

Support SMEs

Raising the competitiveness and individuality of SMEs by using specialized tech to answer to the modern marketplace.


Local Production
Supported Tech Startups
SME Greatly Benefited from Tech Solutions

Parnters Role

We take great pride in our cooperation with entities within the entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology sectors to provide integrated support to our beneficiaries. Our efforts are focused on supporting both SMEs and startups through technological transformation, and helping them adopt DA, AI, IoT and CS technologies, while our partners provide them with support in other aspects, according to their specialization and experience.

Forms of Partnerships

Advisory support in the partners’ specialization

Investing in startups and launching their products

Sponsoring our programs

Cooperation to achieve common goals

Key Services & Programs


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Training Programs

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Thakaa Network

At Thakaa Center, we are proud of our community of small and medium enterprises, and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to support them in their path, help them employ and integrate advanced technologies that use artificial intelligence, data analysis, Internet of Things, and cybersecurity in their business, and link them with our network of leading investors and decision makers.

The enterprises benefiting from Thakaa Center services and programs are distinguished by their uniqueness, competitive strength in the market, steady growth rate, and their high ability to collect and analyze data which increases their chances of success in the market.

We are pleased to have you join us and benefit from our services, whether you are a small or medium establishment owner, and we welcome you to join our expanding network of partnered investors and enablers both in the public and private sectors to provide integrated services to our beneficiaries.

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